Latika M.

Hello there!

I am Latika, a qualified English Honors graduate, an English language enthusiast and writer at I want to share English grammar and other language -related tips and tricks with you to simplify the process of learning English.

I understand the embarrassment and frustration one feels due to the inability to speak English fluently with friends, family and colleagues as I have experienced that myself. But, I overcame all of that and so can you!

In my blogs I address the most common mistakes that learners make (because I made them too!) and how to avoid them, give tips on how you can learn English faster to become a fluent speaker and also explain topics that are confusing or difficult to understand. As a part of Team Genlish, my main aim is to eliminate the fear of English language that so many learners have and make it fun to learn!

I hope my articles help you become the English speaker that you aspire to be. Keep reading, keep learning!

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Higher proficiency in English means higher income


97% of engineering students are not employable as they cannot speak English fluently.
(Source: Aspiring Minds)

India graduates millions, but too few are fit to hire.

(Source: The Wall Street Journal)

85% of general graduates are unemployable because they cannot face interviews in English.
(Source: The Wall Street Journal)

90% graduates do not have required proficiency in English communication.

(Source: The Hindu)

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Faster, convenient and cost effective way

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Flexibility of learning at your place and time

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Best Trainers to learn from across the country

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Technology to boost the learning process

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Improve Vocabulary And Pronunciation

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