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Dec 23

Top 10 Difficult Words to Spell

Writing in English can become difficult if you are not sure of how to spell certain words. But don’t fret, English is a confusing language and everyone (even native English speakers!) makes mistakes.

Let’s learn the spelling of some of the most confusing words in English.

  1. Incorrect: Wierd

Correct: Weird

Sam is a little weird at times.

  1. Incorrect: Tommorow

Correct: Tomorrow

Please be on time tomorrow.

  1. Incorrect: Acommodate

Correct: Accommodate

We cannot accommodate another student.

  1. Incorrect: Imediately

Correct: Immediately

The presentation has to be done immediately.

  1. Incorrect: Noticable

Correct: Noticeable

Are my mismatched socks noticeable?

  1. Incorrect: Posession

Correct: Possession

My grandfather’s vintage gramophone is my most prized possession.

  1. Incorrect: Sucessfull

Correct : Successful

My niece is a successful lawyer.

  1. Incorrect: Committment

Correct: Commitment

I admire Priya’s commitment to her job.

  1. Incorrect: Embarass

Correct: Embarrass

Don’t embarrass me in front of my family!

  1. Incorrect: Truely

 Correct: Truly

She’s truly unbelievable!

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