Jul 14

Quiz: Pronoun

Let's find out the answer: 1. The subject pronoun I is used before the verb. A subject does the action of a verb. I went for bowling yesterday. I saw a movie last night. I ran around the park in the morning. If you have a double subject, always use and I. My friend and I love... read more →

Jul 12

Idiom: All In The Same Boat

IDIOM: ALL IN THE SAME BOAT Also: Be in the same boat or in the same boat Meaning be in the same unpleasant or difficult situation as other people having the same problems facing the same challenges as others So, the correct answer is: (c) To face the same challenges... read more →

Apr 06

English Grammar: How to Use “Used To”

Hi there! How many times have you heard people say "I didn't used to do it earlier"? Till recently, I could not spot what was wrong with this sentence, but I knew something was wrong; it just did not sound right. So, I checked the rules and decided to clear... read more →

Apr 05

The Best Technique to Learn English and How to Achieve it

Hello learners! In my last blog I told you how important it is be prepared before you start learning English. Once you are prepared, you need to begin learning by choosing the correct technique for the same. This is where the confusion arises: how should I learn English? In this... read more →

Apr 03

Mar 29

Verbs in English: Usage and Examples

Hey all! Do you want to speak English fluently? I am sure you do. So, I decided to share the secret with you: English grammar is the key to good speaking English. No, I am not saying that you need to mug up grammar rules, you just need to know... read more →

Mar 27

Pronouns: I, Me, My and Myself

"My friend and me went to the mall yesterday." Hey friends, Were you able to spot the error in the above sentence? If not, this blog is for you. Today, I will tell you the correct usage of the pronouns: I, Me, My and Myself which will help you speak... read more →

Mar 25

Top 5 Ways to Improve Listening Skills in English

Hey there! In my last blog, we found out why Learners Fail to Achieve Fluency in English. Fluency is all about Spoken English: how well you speak and express yourself. In a conversation, two things are most important: speaking and listening. We speak in response to what we hear the... read more →

Mar 24

Why do Learners Fail to Achieve Fluency in English?

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. Last time I talked about How Mother Tongue Influence Makes English Speaking Difficult where I discussed the effects of MTI and how it kills a person's self confidence. Today, I am going to talk about another such issue learners face which is lack... read more →

Mar 23

How Mother Tongue Influence Makes English Speaking Difficult

Hey there learners! I have a really interesting and relatable topic today: How Mother Tongue Influence Makes English Speaking difficult . It is interesting because most of us are unaware of that fact that we suffer from Mother Tongue Influence or MTI as it is popularly called and relatable because... read more →