Are you smart enough not to make these English grammar mistakes?

Smart People not to make mistakes

If I ask you the question:”How good is you’re English grammar? “ What would be your response? Did you notice that this line had an error? Do you make such mistakes too? If yes, then you would know how embarrassing it is to be unable to speak or write properly. Proper usage of English grammar leaves a lasting impression on people and can result in success in personal and professional life! Make sure you do not make the following mistakes in future.

  • Your/You’re

“Your” signifies possession. It means something belongs to you whereas “you’re” is short for “you are”

“Can I borrow your Physics book?”

“You’re taking that spoken English course on your phone, aren’t you?”

  • Then/Than

“Then” is used to indicate an action in time and “than” refers to a comparison being made between                           two   objects.

“We will meet Neha then.”

“Your English speaking skills are better than mine.”

  • It’s/ Its

Use “its” when an object belongs to something that is neither a he nor she (in the case of inanimate objects). Whereas “It’s” is short for ‘it is’.

“The phone looks nice in its new cover.”

“It’s the English grammar class, isn’t it?”

  • Who/Whom 

The easiest way to get this right is to think of the answer. If it’s He / She then use “who” and if it’s him/her then use “whom”.

“Who did it?”

“Whom do you like?”

  • There/Their/They’re

“There” refers to a place and “their” is used to signify possession – something belongs to them. “They’re” is simply short for they are.

“Let’s sit there.”

“It’s their house”

“They’re going to the U.S.”

The most striking aspect of your personality is how well you express yourself. Avoiding these small mistakes could do wonders and make you a different person altogether!


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