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Be it academic extra-curricular activity or interschool /college competitions, the fight has narrowed down to just fraction points. Have an edge over others with sharper English skills. Learn English speaking and you’ll notice a substantial change in life.

Sharpen your English skills and win the world

Be it preparation for entrance exams or going abroad for higher studies, build and polish your English skills with our ON-PHONE spoken English training and be future ready. Yes, we offer English Speaking Classes on Phone.

1 to 1 learning helps you learn faster than going to institutes

Our trainers work on your grammar, vocabulary and sentence formation every day on phone to make you more confident and fluent in English. They ensure success while saving your precious time so you can focus on academics.

Success Stories

I belong to a village where there is no institute available to learn English. Genlish classes have helped me a lot. Before I couldn't speak English but now I can speak English. My hesitation is removed. Now I can speak English in front of many people. It has helped me getting good marks in School. My trainer is a good teacher. She speaks English well. She always tries me to make speak fast and fluently. She has increased my Confidence. She improved my English Grammar. Now I am learning as well as enjoying English. Thanks Genlish Read more

star star star star star

Swapnil Kishor
(Rohini, New Delhi)

I like Genlish teaching and training. My trainer taught me very clearly and understands my problem. Thank you very much. I have gained a lot of confidence and knowledge from the classes. Genlish word of the day helps me to build my vocabulary. Read more

star star star star star

(Nalanda, Bihar)

I'm an engineer by profession n talking fluently n framing sentences in English had been like a dream to me. All thanks to Genlish that has made me more comfortable with English. Now I try to write emails on my own in English n still I'm planning to take one more month classes with Genlish. Read more

star star star star star

(Faridabad, Haryana)

Hi friends. I'm a boutique owner n run hotel business with my husband here at Amritsar. So as most of our clients’ are either from foreign countries or from other states. Talking to them in second language made me bit nervous but after joining Genlish classes I've started conversing n tackling my clients more confidentiality. I run an online business so here also I feel at home now. Very soon I'll be rejoining. Read more

star star star star star

(Pitampura, New Delhi)

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  • Q1) What is your service all about?

    We offer spoken English classes on Phone with a personal trainer. Our trainers call the students and assess their level first. Then provide training as per their level to help them get rid of hesitation and improve vocabulary and communication skills.

  • Q.2 What is your approach?

    Our approach is a unique yet effective one. Learning on phone may sound a little different but it is better as in an institute you do not get the exposure to speak among 20 students and one teacher - here you have just one teacher and one student and you will speak the maximum.

  • Q.3 How can just learning and speaking on phone teach me English?

    It is the most primitive and time tested process to learn a new language- hear, observe and speak! Our minds are conditioned to picking up words and sounds that we hear and use in our daily communication, and that helps us understand the proper usage.

  • Q.4 How is learning on Phone better than learning in institutes?

    Firstly, learning on Phone offers convenience - you learn at your own place and time.

    Secondly, it provides more exposure to speak as it's only you and your trainer.

    Thirdly, it prepares you for real-life interaction with others as the trainers talk about day to day incidents from your routine. So you learn what you ought to learn instead of mugging up information!

    Fourthly, you learn a new word every day, so your vocabulary woes are taken care of!

  • Q.5 Will learning English on Phone help me?

    It most certainly will. Learning Spoken English on phone is an effective way to fine tune and polish one's linguistic skills. Classes on phone are designed so you get a lot of speaking practice plus on the spot error correction. You save time and money by learning English on your very own phone!

  • Q.6 What are the topics that will be covered?

    Though we have a set syllabus, our trainers judge the level of the student and their pace to provide training. Contrary to institutes, we do not rush to complete the syllabus but move according to the convenience of the students.

    On completion of your sessions, you may re-join us for a package that suits you or you can consult your trainer for the same.

  • Q.7 How good are the trainers for English on mobile?

    Our team of trainers carry with them vast experience of training at various levels with ease. They have been through stringent set of selection process and are amiable and supportive.

  • Q.8 What are the various packages available? What is the fee?

    For your convenience, we offer classes ranging from 1 month with 20 classes to several months. You can initially enroll for one package and can extend to more months by visiting your online Genlish account, as per your convenience. We also offer discounts on longer course durations.

  • Q.9 What are the timings/ batches for the classes?

    There are no batches as we provide one-to-one sessions with a trainer. You can choose the timing as per your convenience. Our classes begin from 7:00 a.m. and go on till 9:30 p.m. The time slot you choose will be fixed for the month.

  • Q.10 Can I get a demo class?

    We do not provide demo classes. However, you can listen to real-life recordings of our students and trainers provided on the home page of our website to get an idea of how the classes are conducted.

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