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English Grammar

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+91 95558-01234

Course details:

Course Introduction: In this course you will learn about Tenses in detail, the usage and examples of Past, Present and Future tenses, the common mistakes made while using tenses, and their correct usage. This course is designed for a learner who wants to learn and improve their skills for everyday speaking or writing, as well as academics.

Objective: When learning or using a language, many people find that their grammar is far from perfect. But grammar is inescapable; it is the backbone of any language and must be understood in order to communicate effectively. Effective communication skills of English language are necessary for the people of all professions. The concept of English verb tenses is very important in establishing effective communication. So, if you want to maintain both ways of communication better, that is, speaking and writing, you need to gain mastery over English tenses, because a command of twelve basic tenses of English language will aid you immensely in gaining effective communication skills.


Duration and Validity

15 classes with personal trainer


Mode of training

1-to-1 on phone (Call is be made by trainer if student is in India and by student if he/she is outside India)


Who should join:

Absolutely anyone with the desire and will to learn English can join us. We have students from all walks of life and age groups (5 years - 70 years) learning with us, like:
- Students
- Housewives
- Jobseekers
- Working professionals
- Retired people


How It Works

1. Register & Pay

Just few basic details and choose how you want to pay(Online or through bank)

2. Level Assessment

Once you register, we will talk to you to know from where we can start.

3. Trainer Mapping

After assessment, we will assign you a trainer who is best fit for your level-in the language you can understand.

4. Start Receiving Call

Our Trainer will start calling you at the time chosen by you for 25 Minutes every day.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How fast can I learn English and speak fluent English?
Depends on you actually. We normally suggest you to take a course lasting up to at least 3 months, to gain fluency.

2. Do I need to call my trainer or will s/he call me?
You do not need to make any calls. Your trainer will call you at the scheduled time.

3. Can I put my classes on hold if I am unavailable?
Yes, you can certainly put your classes on hold by paying a stipulated fee for a minimum of 15 days.

4. Will learning English on Phone help me?
It most certainly will. Learning Spoken English on phone is an effective way to fine tune and polish one's linguistic skills. Classes on phone are designed so you get a lot of speaking practice plus on the spot error correction. You save time and money by learning English on your very own phone!

5. What are the topics that will be covered?
Though we have a set syllabus, our trainers judge the level of the student and their pace to provide training. Contrary to institutes, we do not rush to complete the syllabus but move according to the convenience of the students. On completion of your sessions, you may re-join us for a package that suits you or you can consult your trainer for the same.

6. How good are the trainers for English on mobile?
Our team of trainers carry with them vast experience of training at various levels with ease. They have been through stringent set of selection process and are amiable and supportive.

7. Can I get a demo class?
We do not provide demo classes. However, you can listen to real-life recordings of our students and trainers provided on the home page of our website to get an idea of how the classes are conducted :

8. Can I pay in installments?
No, it is a one-time pay model only. Your classes will begin only after you enroll with us.

9. What is the next step after I pay the fee?
Once you pay the fee, you will receive a confirmation call from us. Our executive will ask you for the time slot you want to opt for and arrange an assessment call for you. Thereafter, your trainer will get in touch with you and assess your level. Your classes will begin from the next day.

10. What if I am not satisfied with my trainer?
Student satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We will offer you to change the trainer if you are dissatisfied - no questions asked!